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Amelia Island.

Amelia Island is on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, north of Jacksonville by about 30 miles. It is the northernmost of Florida's Atlantic barrier islands and sits across Cumberland Sound, south of the Cumberland Islands in Georgia. Amelia Island is about 13 miles long and 2 miles wide at its widest point. The island's population was somewhat under 20,000 people for the year 2000 US census with about half or more living in Fernandina Beach. Tourism is one of its largest industries and swells the population during the entire year.


The pictures on this page actually show several small northeast Florida islands in addition to the largest, Amelia Island. On the north end of Amelia Island, just outside the city limits of Fernandina Beach, is Fort Clinch State Park, housing the main attraction of Fort Clinch. On the south end of Amelia Island is the commercial resort area known as Amelia Island Plantation and little known American Beach. Further south and just off Amelia Island we find Big Talbot Island and Little Talbot Island. The Kingsley Plantation is in what is known as Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve on St. George Island, south of Big and Little Talbot Islands.

Visitors to Amelia Island, Florida can tour many local cities by car.


Jacksonville, Yulee, Mayport and the beach towns of Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach are all within a 30-45 minute ride. The historic city of St. Augustine is about an hour away and Daytona Beach about 90 minutes. This area can be accessed best by aircraft from the Jacksonville International Airport (30 minutes).


Find more information about this area or activities and attractions in Amelia Island, Fort Clinch and Fernandina Beach.

View the best known area of Amelia Island - Fernandina Beach HERE

Fort Clinch on Amelia Island

fort-clinch-enlisted-mens-quarters.JPG (11174 bytes) tunnel-fort-clinch.JPG (8264 bytes)
The enlisted men's quarters at Fort Clinch. Tunnels run from the bastions to the parade grounds.
lethal-walls.JPG (11061 bytes) guns-of-fort-clinch.JPG (15947 bytes)
Invaders from the sea got a taste of the big guns.
fort-clinch-brickwalls.JPG (17738 bytes) damage.jpg (16584 bytes)

Outside brick walls and bastion.

Damaged wall shows St. Mary's River in background.
inside-fort-clinch.JPG (12943 bytes) fort-clinch-exit.JPG (11272 bytes)
View from inside Fort Clinch. Entry from the woodsy mainland via drawbridge over the dry moat.

fort-clinch-south-wall.JPG (17403 bytes)

fort-clinch-wall-south.JPG (18051 bytes)

beach-defence.JPG (8906 bytes)

Thick, high brick and stone walls with 5 bastions for crossfire and narrow rifle emplacements made the fort tough to take. With the development of better cannonry, though, brick and stone wall forts such as this became susceptible to attack.
fort-clinch-interior.JPG (15530 bytes) fort-clinch-walls.JPG (12624 bytes) small-cannon.JPG (14491 bytes)
Inside the fort.
fort-clinch-kitchen.JPG (18920 bytes) fort-clinch-stockade.JPG (17778 bytes) stockade-and-quarters.JPG (17922 bytes)
Brick oven and fireplace. Stockade and guard quarters. Upper middle picture shows prisoner cells. 

Fort Clinch State Park

fort-clinch-state-park-entrance.JPG (26594 bytes)

fort-clinch-campgrounds.JPG (24000 bytes) fort-clinch-campsite.JPG (26321 bytes)
Entrance to park. Campgrounds on the Amelia River side.
fort-clinch-beach-campgrounds.JPG (13121 bytes) fort-clinch-state-park-pier.JPG (14679 bytes) fort-clinch-pier-view.JPG (12972 bytes)

Beach side campgrounds.

The pier and jetty at Fort Clinch State Park.

beach-at-fort-clinch.JPG (11656 bytes) fort-clinch-boardwalk.JPG (12206 bytes) mystery-buildings.JPG (9723 bytes)
View of the beach just outside the walls of Fort Clinch. Boardwalk to beach. Mystery buildings north of Fort Clinch?
amelia-island-from-pier-1.JPG (8431 bytes) jetty-north-amelia-island.JPG (13877 bytes) pier-vier-to-cumberland-island.JPG (6901 bytes)
Views from the pier at Fort Clinch State Park.
north-amelia-island-pier.JPG (10326 bytes) fort-clinch-pier-1.JPG (9949 bytes)  
This mile pier runs along the jetty.   
road-to-fort-clinch.JPG (23831 bytes) sign-up.jpg (13248 bytes) cooks-area.JPG (15732 bytes)
It's a beautiful ride through the park. Enlistment notice and pay scale. Cook's area - brick oven hearth.

American Beach

american-beach-sign.JPG (24288 bytes)

The prominent sign at the left refers to MaVynee Betsch or the "Beach Lady" as she is popularly known. A local celebrity, she works to preserve American Beach as Black Heritage.

american-beach-house.JPG (15070 bytes)

American Beach is a designated historic site.
american-beach-ocean-view-street.JPG (14359 bytes) american-beach-houses.JPG (15569 bytes) american-beach-beachfront-houses.JPG (13393 bytes)
Rough and tender from years of neglect, American Beach has seen better days.
american-beach-sand-dune.JPG (12129 bytes) sand-dunes-american-beach.JPG (14457 bytes) american-beach-sand-dunes.JPG (11743 bytes)
 Huge, impressive sand dunes encircle American Beach.

Little Talbot Island State Park

little-talbot-island-state-park-beach.JPG (7513 bytes) little-talbot-island-state-park-beach-1.JPG (9242 bytes) little-talbot-island-state-park-beach-birds.JPG (8268 bytes)
These photos from Little Talbot Island show huge expanses of empty beach and it becomes easily imaginable to picture Indians or early settlers walking these shores.
little-talbot-island-state-park-dunes.JPG (21461 bytes) little-talbot-state-park.JPG (9252 bytes) mayport.jpg (12042 bytes)
Sand dune. All alone except for sea birds. Mayport across the channel.

Kingsley Plantation - Fort George Island

Ships and boats provided basic transportation to the Kingsley Plantation via sea routes and inland waterways. Foodstuffs and goods made on the plantation were loaded on ships and carried to foreign and domestic ports.
kingsley-plantation-house-1.JPG (17164 bytes) front-porch-view.JPG (18791 bytes) administration.JPG (18853 bytes)
The view of the Kingsley Plantation main house from the river... ...and from the front porch, the view of the St. John's River. Park Service admin building.
kingsley-plantation-barn.JPG (18821 bytes) kingsley-plantation-group.JPG (18337 bytes) kingsley-plantation-buildings.JPG (19752 bytes)
The plantation barn. Entering the building area from the parking lot. The kitchen house (left) and the main house (right).
river-view-south.JPG (18675 bytes) river-view-north.JPG (24156 bytes) kingsley-plantation-houses.JPG (19796 bytes)

Upriver and downriver views from the front yard.

Plantation buildings.

kingsley-plantation-house-side-view.JPG (19441 bytes)

kingsley-plantation-house-rear.JPG (15924 bytes) kingsley-plantation-house-2.JPG (16713 bytes)

Main house side view (above left) and rear of house (middle).

Front of main house.

kingsley-plantation-rear-view.JPG (22658 bytes)

kingsley-rear-view.JPG (18282 bytes)

kitchen-house-rear.JPG (18017 bytes)

Plantation buildings (rear).

The kitchen house was used to prepare foods. Risk of fire necessitated separate building for cooking. 

front-river-view.JPG (15491 bytes)

kingsley-slave-houses.JPG (24700 bytes) kingsley-slave-house.JPG (21059 bytes)

View of the St. John's River from main house porch.

The slave cabins housed several families each. The structures were well away from the main plantation buildings.

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