Pictures from Anna Maria Island, Florida

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Cities of Anna Maria, Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach.

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Anna Maria Island.

Anna Maria Island, Florida is southwest of Tampa by approximately 20 miles. It nestles on the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico just below the inlet for Tampa Bay and across the mainland from Bradenton and Cortez. There is access to the island from 3 bridges: The Anna Maria Island Bridge at Bradenton, The Cortez Bridge and the Longboat Pass span from the south. According to the year 2000 census, the island has approximately 8,500 year-round residents but this figure mushrooms during the tourist seasons. Anna Maria Island is divided among three cities:

  • Anna Maria (pop. 1800)

  • Holmes Beach (pop. 5000)

  • Bradenton Beach (pop. 1700)

The cities on Anna Maria Island are homogeneous and you  may drive from one to another not knowing you have crossed city lines. Housing looks alike, commercial areas look much the same, roadways seamlessly mesh and the beaches are ...well ...sandy. It seems that the residents of this small island (less than 5 miles long) and the city governments all agree that the island's composition should remain the same and various and sundry building codes have prevented heavy or even modest development of the island. You'll not find a tall building anywhere. In fact, if it weren't for spotting newer model cars on the roads you might think you had transported back into the 1950's, 60's or 70's.


That's not a bad thing, though, as those policies have preserved plenty of beach access areas and fishing spots for visitors and residents alike. Since we all come to islands like these for the pleasures of sand and surf, it's surely nice to be able to get to enjoy it. All three cities have major parks on the beach and access points throughout. Many boat ramps supply access to the bay for the water sports and fishing there.


The City of Anna Maria is a quaint little village occupying the northernmost portion of the island. A relaxing lunch or dinner at one of the fine restaurants on Anna Maria Bay Boulevard overlooking the bayside waters followed by a walk on the Anna Maria City Pier is an enjoyable experience. It's quiet, calm and peaceful here with nature's scenery everywhere.


The City of Holmes Beach, by far the largest in population and size, lies in the center of Anna Maria Island. Consisting mostly of residential houses and condos, its commercial areas provide for most of the shopping on the island. For most, there is seldom a need to head to the mainland.


The City of Bradenton Beach covers the southernmost portion of the island. Historic Bridge Street has many nice little shops and restaurants and is a great place to find souvenirs. The Bradenton Beach City Pier is at the end of the street. You can fish, eat in an indoor/outdoor setting or sit in the swing at the end of the pier. Life doesn't get much better than this.


Visitors to Anna Maria Island can tour many southwest Florida and Tampa area cities by car.  St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the small barrier islands off the coast there are 30 min. to 1 hour's drive. Bradenton is just across the bridge and heading south takes one to Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key and Sarasota within an hour. This area can be accessed by air travel from the Sarasota International Airport or the Tampa International Airport.



City of Anna Maria

anna-maria-bay.JPG (12614 bytes) bean's-point-sailboat.JPG (27212 bytes)


Anna Maria Bay as viewed from Anna Maria Bay Blvd.
anna-maria-commercial.JPG (21691 bytes) anna-maria-bay-blvd.JPG (31050 bytes)

Anna Maria commercial areas are set with small shops.  

View looking south on Anna Maria Bay Blvd.

anna-maria-city-streets.JPG (25859 bytes) anna-maria-city-street.JPG (30413 bytes)

Pictures of Anna Maria City streets. 


Bean's Point in Anna Maria

anna-maria-bean's-point-dunes.JPG (17339 bytes)

anna-maria-bean's-point.JPG (15737 bytes)

anna-maria-bean's-point-north-view.JPG (14435 bytes)

Bean's Point is named after the first permanent settler to Anna Maria Island. Beach sands and dunes wrap around this northernmost point of Anna Maria Island. The bay side has a park that looks out on Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Anna Maria City Pier

anna-maria-city-pier.JPG (25286 bytes) anna-maria-pier-fishing-shack.JPG (15199 bytes) anna-maria-pier.JPG (20936 bytes)

The Anna Maria City Pier juts into Anna Maria Bay. You can eat inside/outside at the pier restaurant, fish off the pier, get a drink or just wander the pier.


Anna Maria Beach Houses

anna-maria-beach-house.JPG (34548 bytes)

anna-maria-island-oceanfront.JPG (24518 bytes)

anna-maria-beachfront.JPG (32409 bytes)

These beach houses in the city of Anna Maria front directly on the Gulf of Mexico.


City of Holmes Beach

marina-drive-holmes-beach.JPG (22571 bytes) holmes-beach-condos.JPG (26365 bytes) holmes-beach-canal.JPG (20193 bytes)

The marina on Marina Drive.

Holmes Beach condos.

Canal View on Holmes Beach.

holmes-beach-house-2.JPG (20818 bytes)

holmes-beach-house.JPG (30063 bytes) holmes-beach-house-4.JPG (38840 bytes)

Sample of house styling in the city of Holmes Beach.

holmes-beach-oceanfront.JPG (38341 bytes)

holmes-beach-gulf-front.JPG (40799 bytes) holmes-beach-beachfront.JPG (20189 bytes)

Beach houses on the Gulf of Mexico in Holmes Beach.



Manatee County Public Beach at Holmes Beach

holmes-beach.JPG (19692 bytes)

manatee-county-public-beach.JPG (22610 bytes)

manatee-county-public-beach-north.JPG (20126 bytes)

The Manatee County Public Beach at Holmes Beach (pictured above and below) has a large beach area, parking, lifeguards, restroom and eating facilities and a fishing pier.

manatee-county-public-beach-south.JPG (21666 bytes)

holmes-beach-south.JPG (27364 bytes) manatee-county-beach-fishing-pier.JPG (16513 bytes)

City of Bradenton Beach

bradenton-beach-bridge-street.JPG (29612 bytes)

bradenton-beach-bridge-street-shops.JPG (31250 bytes) bradenton-beach-historic-bridge-st.JPG (25905 bytes)

Historic Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach has quaint shops and restaurants. Shop for beach wraps, souvenirs or go fishing at the pier.

bradenton-beach-gulf-dr.JPG (20090 bytes)

bradenton-beach-gulf-drive.JPG (18113 bytes) bradenton-beach-historic-bridge-street.JPG (18208 bytes)

Picture shows views of Gulf Drive in Bradenton Beach.

Historic Bridge Street.


Bradenton Beach City Pier

bradenton-beach-city-pier.JPG (24290 bytes)

bradenton-beach-city-pier-2.JPG (16482 bytes) bradenton-beach-city-pier-6.JPG (16549 bytes)

Bradenton Beach City Pier. This structure is at the spot of the original bridge built to connect Anna Maria Island to the mainland. The fishing is rumored to be great.

bradenton-beach-city-pier-view.JPG (14462 bytes)

bradenton-beach-city-pier-view-2.JPG (14065 bytes) bradenton-beach-city-pier-view-3.JPG (16626 bytes)

Views from the Bradenton Beach City Pier include the marina, condos and houses on the bay and the Cortez Bridge.

bradenton-beach-city-pier-swing.JPG (22507 bytes)

bradenton-beach-city-pier-restaurant.JPG (19373 bytes)

bradenton-beach-city-pier-parking.JPG (21217 bytes)

Relax, enjoy the view on this great swing at pier's end.

Eat inside or outside at the pier restaurant.

Clock tower and parking area for the city pier.


Coquina Beach in the city of Bradenton Beach

coquina-beach-1.JPG (11173 bytes)

longboat-pass-seawall-retainer.JPG (12049 bytes)

coquina-beach-access-2.JPG (23777 bytes)

Picture of Coquina Beach.

The seawall and erosion structure at Longboat Pass.

Sandy pathway access to Coquina Beach.

coquina-beach-dunes.JPG (13047 bytes)

coquina-beach-umbrella.JPG (20186 bytes) coquina-beach-oldtimers.JPG (24312 bytes)

Coquina Beach dunes.

Shady spot at Coquina Beach.

A loaf of bread, a can of beer and thou...

bradenton-beach.JPG (17869 bytes) bridge-longboat-pass.JPG (18394 bytes)

longboat-pass.JPG (10856 bytes)

Coquina Beach northward.

Bridge at Longboat Pass.

Longboat Pass - the southern tip of Coquina Beach.

Cortez Beach in the city of Bradenton Beach

cortez-beach-houses.JPG (14667 bytes)

cortez-beach.JPG (15814 bytes)

cortez-beach-2.JPG (9132 bytes)

Cortez Beach sits adjacent to and north of Coquina Beach. Many pier-like structures have been placed on the beach in order to control beach erosion.


Miscellaneous Beach, Bay and Ocean Pictures

pier-fishing.JPG (18190 bytes) sunshine-skyway-across-tampa-bay.JPG (12525 bytes) cortez-beach-pelicans.JPG (15814 bytes)

Fishing from the Anna Maria City Pier .

Sunshine Skyway across Tampa Bay from Anna Maria.

Pelicans on Cortez Beach Pier. (Pier built for erosion control).

anna-maria-sailboat.JPG (29221 bytes)

coquina-beach-access.JPG (28426 bytes)

longboat-pass-seawall-retainer-view.JPG (16590 bytes)

This seawall and pier at Longboat Pass, the southern tip of Anna Maria Island, was built to prevent beach erosion.

Sailboat at Bean's Point in Anna Maria.

Coquina Beach Access at Bradenton Beach.


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