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Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach.

Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach are situated on the northeast Atlantic Coast of Florida just east of the city of Jacksonville. These are sister cities sharing a common downtown area separated by an expressway link to Jacksonville. Atlantic Beach's population is around 13,500 permanent residents and the population of Neptune Beach, FL is approximately 7,000 year round.


Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach, FL are both bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and the west by the Intracoastal Waterway. Florida's scenic Atlantic coast roadway, Route A1A, goes through both beach towns. These are primarily residential villages with common ordinances and construction so little distinguishes one from the other. Boating access to the Atlantic Ocean is by way of the Intracoastal, around Mayport Naval Air Station and out through the mouth of the St. John's River.


Visitors to Atlantic Beach or Neptune Beach, FL can tour many local cities by car.  Jacksonville, one of the largest cities in Florida is about 15 minutes away. The beach town of Jacksonville Beach is just south of Neptune Beach. The historic city of St. Augustine is about hour south and Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach about hour north. This area can be accessed best by aircraft from the Jacksonville International Airport (30 minutes).


Atlantic Beach


atlantic-beach-neptune-beach.JPG (17164 bytes) town-center-view.JPG (20919 bytes)
atlantic-blvd-east-coast-drive.JPG (19691 bytes) The center of Atlantic Boulevard separates the cities of Atlantic Beach (to the north) and Neptune Beach (note street markers, upper left). Pictures show the shared downtown area.
downtown-shops.JPG (18066 bytes) named-bricks.JPG (14453 bytes)
Brick sidewalks - "named" bricks (top, right) - provide a cozy, small town feel to these beachside communities.
town-center-beach-access.JPG (19159 bytes)  
Beach access area downtown on Atlantic Blvd.  

Atlantic Beach Beaches

atlantic-beach.JPG (9488 bytes) atlantic-beach-1.JPG (11646 bytes)
Stroll beautiful white sandy beaches backed by high, grass covered sand dunes, as shown in these photos.
beach-house-atlantic-beach.JPG (16136 bytes) beach-houses-along-atlantic-beach.JPG (14538 bytes) beach-houses-atlantic-beach.JPG (14217 bytes)
These beach houses are built back from the water, high on the sand dunes.
north-atlantic-beach-access-point-1.JPG (10377 bytes) north-atlantic-beach-access-point.JPG (16859 bytes) atlantic-beach-access-point.JPG (17867 bytes)
Close up (upper left) of pretty beach access area. There are adequate accesses and many with automobile parking. Beach access parking area.
beach-access.JPG (13514 bytes) beach-access-walkover.JPG (17048 bytes) atlantic-beach-parking.JPG (14246 bytes)
Beach access across the dunes by way of the walkover. Beach access parking area.

Atlantic Beach Houses

atlantic-beach-house-7.JPG (17019 bytes) atlantic-beach-house-1.JPG (13646 bytes) atlantic-beach-house-2.JPG (13758 bytes)
There appears to be diverse architectural styles at work in Atlantic Beach.
atlantic-beach-house-3.JPG (10765 bytes) atlantic-beach-house-4.JPG (18720 bytes) atlantic-beach-house-5.JPG (21460 bytes)
atlantic-beach-house-6.JPG (17901 bytes) atlantic-beach-house.JPG (25261 bytes) atlantic-beach-house-8.JPG (18963 bytes)
atlantic-beach-house-9.JPG (18421 bytes) atlantic-beach-houses.JPG (19148 bytes) mom's.jpg (21294 bytes)



Mom insisted on her own parking space...


Atlantic Beach Streets

atlantic-beach-condo-entrance.JPG (18715 bytes) entrance.jpg (19620 bytes) atlantic-beach-condo-entrance-1.JPG (18775 bytes)
 Streets are clean and neat with some sections promoting a lush, heavy growth.
atlantic-beach-condos.JPG (19858 bytes) atlantic-beach-streets.JPG (22470 bytes) atlantic-beach-street.JPG (18077 bytes)

Neptune Beach

neptune-beach.JPG (10193 bytes) neptune-beach-1.JPG (9269 bytes) neptune-beach-public.JPG (10359 bytes)
The same white, sandy beaches from Atlantic Beach spill south to Neptune Beach.
neptune-beach-view-south.JPG (12530 bytes) neptune-beach-condo.JPG (16384 bytes) neptune-beach-beachfront.JPG (14942 bytes)
Condos along the Neptune Beach area are still built back from the shoreline and dunes area.
neptune-beach-public-access.JPG (13170 bytes) town-center-shops.JPG (21666 bytes) neptune-beach-commercial.JPG (14224 bytes)
Beach access area parking. Downtown shops. View along A1A.

neptune-beach-house.JPG (19976 bytes)

neptune-beach-beach-house.JPG (18366 bytes)

tiffany-by-the-sea.JPG (18667 bytes)

Houses and condos in Neptune Beach.
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