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Daytona Beach is north-centrally located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. South of the city of Jacksonville by about 80 miles and north of Cape Canaveral by 60 miles, it is one of the closest coastal cities to the fantasy land surrounding Orlando. Daytona Beach's population is around 65,000 permanent residents and increases significantly during the tourist season. Weekends and holidays see the city's beaches and roadways fill with weekenders and day visitors.

Daytona Beach may be best known for its early association with the automotive industry. During the first 4 decades of the 20th Century automobile test and race drivers pushed their company's products to the limits on the hard-packed, sandy Atlantic shores of Daytona Beach. The sleepy little town filled to the brim with visitors during those races and tests, much the same as it does with today's Daytona 500. Although the king of stock car races has moved from its beach beginnings to the inland area of Daytona, the beach town has not completely forgotten its heritage. In fact, very well known today for its motorcycle festivals, it caters to the piston crowd like no other.

To college kids in the 70's and 80's, however, Daytona Beach was best known as THE party town. Each year at the semester break, tens of thousands of pre-adult adolescents descended on the beach town turning it into a 24-hour non-stop center for drugs, alcohol and sex. Well covered each year by the media, scenes of destruction and debauchery were dispatched to the edges of the earth. The Spring Break ritual in Daytona Beach has since been toned way down from its early "anything goes" days and the lessons learned here spread rapidly to other beach towns where spring-breakers have been all but banned.

The town still carries a "party atmosphere" though, due mostly to scads of bikers, surfers and other adventurous revilers pursuing their early morning and late evening activities. Shopping downtown can be a revelation and those unaccustomed to the latest in body art or T-shirt candor will walk blushingly from shop to shop - probably right past the head shops, liquor stores, biker gear and surf shops.

Though definitely not your father's beach town, Daytona Beach IS fun. At the center of downtown is the pier and restaurant. They are easily accessed by beach goers from the Main Street Arch. For a kick, you can drive on the wide, sandy beaches, park your vehicle and spend the day catching rays and romping in the surf. Just off of historic Main Street the famous boardwalk starts. Here you can stroll for hundreds of yards along a concrete walkway running alongside the Atlantic surf. Morning walks are somewhat solitary and evening walks are romantic. Every few feet of the way uncovers a new adventure in eating, arcade gaming, thrill rides and finally possibly a concert at the beach. Shoppers can detour along the way to see the latest in fashion, including evening wear and beach wear while others can opt to take in a movie.

Visitors to Daytona Beach, FL can tour many local cities by car.  Jacksonville, one of the largest cities in Florida is about 90 minutes away. You can get to the Space Center or the theme parks around Orlando in about an hour. The beach town of Ormond Beach is just north and the lighthouse at Ponce Inlet is just minutes south. The historic city of St. Augustine is about an hour's drive north. This area can be accessed best by aircraft from the Daytona Beach International Airport.


Daytona Beach


daytona-beach-shady-welcome.JPG (11420 bytes) clocktower-1.JPG (21957 bytes)
Some favorites of Daytona Beach-goers: the yellow and blue beach umbrellas and chaises; the Clock Tower in front of the Adam's Mark Resort; and the Space Needle. space-needle.JPG (15140 bytes)

Main Street Daytona Beach

main-street-arch.JPG (19583 bytes)

arch-to-beach.JPG (18391 bytes)
Historic Main Street Arch - stairway entrance from the beach to the pier and restaurant. Or drive your car under...
daytona-beach-pier-1.JPG (18737 bytes) daytona-beach-pier.JPG (21509 bytes)
View of the Main Street Pier and restaurant. It has taken some wear from Atlantic storms and was closed for repairs the day we arrived. :-(
daytona-beach-main-street-pier.JPG (11385 bytes) daytona-beach-main-street.JPG (21059 bytes)
Daytona Beach Pier Historic Main Street, Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Boardwalk

boardwalk.JPG (21592 bytes) daytona-beach-boardwalk-1.JPG (24370 bytes) daytona-beach-boardwalk-2.JPG (25093 bytes)
The palm tree lined Daytona Beach Boardwalk runs along the beach and has restaurants, arcades, thrilling rides, a children's playground, bandshell and other treats.
boardwalk-bandshell.JPG (19689 bytes) boardwalk-view.JPG (24030 bytes) daytona-beach-boardwalk.JPG (26446 bytes)
Bandshell on the boardwalk. Views along the boardwalk.
pier-through-palms.JPG (22486 bytes) daytona-beach-boardwalk-3.JPG (19262 bytes) chrildren's-area.JPG (26218 bytes)
Pier view from the boardwalk. View of the long concrete boardwalk. Children's play area.
daytona-beach-boardwalk-5.JPG (16492 bytes) view-from-beach.JPG (21079 bytes) main-street-pier.JPG (14539 bytes)
Stone columns along the boardwalk into the concert area. View of the pier
boardwalk-clocktower.JPG (14075 bytes) rides-thrills.JPG (17889 bytes) go-carts.jpg (16848 bytes)
Some of the rides and amusements along the boardwalk.

Daytona Beach Beaches

daytona-beach-umbrellas.JPG (13676 bytes) daytona-beach-umbrella1.JPG (12301 bytes) daytona-beach-rentals.JPG (15187 bytes)
Blue and yellow beach umbrellas can be seen hundreds of feet up and down the beach. Beach vendors rent almost anything water related.
daytona-beach-buildings.JPG (20269 bytes) daytona-beach-skyline.JPG (14517 bytes) daytona-beach.JPG (14164 bytes)
Skyline shows hotels, motels, resorts and condos along the beach.
daytona-beach-at-pier.JPG (13099 bytes) daytona-beach-view-north.JPG (14805 bytes)  
Beach views from the pier area.  

The Original Daytona Beach Speedway

cars-on-beach.JPG (17352 bytes) vehicle-entrance.JPG (10517 bytes) daytona-beach-car-lot.JPG (10986 bytes)
This was the original speedway where the emerging automobile industry speed tested its products. You can still drive onto the beach but mostly park for the day. It sure beats lugging 50 pounds of beach stuff 200 to 300 yards across soft beach sand, though...
daytona-beach-cars-on-beach.JPG (10750 bytes) daytona-beach-looking-south-1.JPG (15156 bytes) daytona-beach-cars-parked.JPG (10878 bytes)

Daytona Beach Street Scenes

daytona-beach-downtown.JPG (17280 bytes) daytona-beach-route-a1a.JPG (15813 bytes) daytona-beach-a1a.JPG (16597 bytes)
Busy route A1A through Daytona Beach almost always seems to have people and cars moving about. We'd guess they're going to or coming from their favorite bar, arcade, tattoo parlor, t-shirt shop, biker shop or some unmentionable place.
daytona-beach-a1a-north.JPG (15585 bytes) daytona-beach-street.JPG (15579 bytes) daytona-beach-downtown-north.JPG (17061 bytes)

Daytona Beach Houses

daytona-beach-house-15.JPG (21134 bytes) daytona-beach-house-12.JPG (19905 bytes) daytona-beach-house-8.JPG (23815 bytes)
Downtown Daytona Beach is an old area and most of the housing there reflects design, construction, relative wealth and tastes of another era.
daytona-beach-house-10.JPG (23780 bytes) daytona-beach-house-11.JPG (22119 bytes) daytona-beach-house-9.JPG (22891 bytes)
daytona-beach-house-14.JPG (21745 bytes) daytona-beach-house-2.JPG (15531 bytes) daytona-beach-house-17.JPG (20692 bytes)

Daytona Beach Waterfront Houses

daytona-beach-house-6.JPG (23002 bytes) daytona-beach-house-7.JPG (22329 bytes) daytona-beach-house-1.JPG (26022 bytes)
These houses grace the shores of the Intracoastal Waterway in Daytona Beach.
daytona-beach-house-4.JPG (16978 bytes) daytona-beach-house-3.JPG (25498 bytes) daytona-beach-house-5.JPG (17778 bytes)
daytona-beach-house.JPG (16721 bytes) daytona-beach-house-0.JPG (13652 bytes)  

Daytona Beach Miscellaneous

daytona-beach-church.JPG (17190 bytes) daytona-beach-condo.JPG (20126 bytes) calvary-baptist-church-1915.JPG (16687 bytes)
Stone church along A1A Condo along A1A Calvary Baptist Church - circa 1925
boardwalk-palms.JPG (15593 bytes) clocktower.JPG (21353 bytes)  
Space Needle through palms along the boardwalk. Picture of the Clock Tower with Adam's Mark Resort in the background.  

daytona-beach-days.JPG (13948 bytes)

daytona-beach-welcome.JPG (14712 bytes)


Umbrella shots are always nice.  
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