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Fernandina Beach is the major city on Amelia Island which is situated on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, north of Jacksonville by about 30 miles. The island is the northernmost of Florida's Atlantic barrier islands and sits across Cumberland Sound, south of the Cumberland Islands in Georgia. Fernandina Beach's population is around 10,000 people with the inflow of tourists increasing the total significantly.

Fernandina Beach is the biggest city and major attraction on Amelia Island. It is one of Florida's deep water ports and has been coveted since the Spanish settled the area (See pictures of Fort Clinch and other Amelia Island attractions here.)


Fernandina Beach has a Historic District as well as an "old town". The historic area has many structures built in the late 1800's or early 1900's. The old town is the site of the original settlement - named Fernandina - and sits on bluffs above the Amelia River.  There is an Amelia Island Lighthouse but it is currently closed to the public. Downtown in the historic area you will also find a marina with a floating dock. East of downtown you can find the entrance to Fort Clinch State Park and the old fort, currently under restoration. Of course, there are miles of beaches here, too.


Visitors to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida can tour many local cities by car.  Jacksonville, Yulee, Mayport and the beach towns of Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach are all within a 30-45 minute ride. The historic city of St. Augustine is about an hour away and Daytona Beach about 90 minutes. This area can be accessed best by aircraft from the Jacksonville International Airport (30 minutes).


More information on Fernandina Beach and the surrounding area including some attractions and activities can be reviewed.


Fernandina Beach Downtown Historic Area

florida-railroad-company.JPG (21469 bytes) fernandina-beach-historical-district.JPG (23983 bytes)


The old Florida Railroad Company office. View of the buildings along Centre Street
pineapple-patch-clothing-fernandina-beach.JPG (21101 bytes) fernandina-beach-downtown-street.JPG (20082 bytes)
Pineapple Patch Clothing Company. View of downtown street.
fernandina-beach-downtown.JPG (28394 bytes) fernandina-beach-sidewalk-rest.JPG (25856 bytes)
This beautiful downtown area has shady streets, brick walkways and picturesque rest areas.
post-office.JPG (17444 bytes) view-centre-street-front-street.JPG (19779 bytes)
Post Office downtown. Corner of Centre St. and Front Street.
palace-saloon-fernandina-beach.JPG (20339 bytes) fernandina-beach-historic-area-shops.JPG (27922 bytes)

The famous Palace Saloon.

Sidewalk shops.
front-street-railroad-tracks.JPG (18052 bytes) centre-street.JPG (22225 bytes)
Front St. along railroad tracks. View up Centre St.
church.jpg (12479 bytes) u.s.JPG (15343 bytes) phelan-verot-house.JPG (23154 bytes)
Downtown church. US Customs office. Phelan-Verot House was built prior to 1866.

Houses in the Historic Area

commercial-district-house-6.JPG (24359 bytes)

commercial-district-house.JPG (28417 bytes)

commercial-district-house-2.JPG (23517 bytes)

These beautiful old houses (above and below) grace the outskirts of the historic downtown commercial area.
commercial-district-house-3.JPG (22319 bytes) commercial-district-house-4.JPG (23979 bytes) commercial-district-house-5.JPG (23511 bytes)

Fernandina Old town

fernandina-beach-house-5.JPG (21367 bytes)

fernandina-beach-house-4.JPG (25302 bytes) historic-district-house.JPG (21444 bytes)
The "old town" was Fernandina and sat on bluffs along the Amelia River. Many older houses, restored or not, (pictured above and below) still stand.
fernandina-beach-house-6.JPG (18630 bytes) fernandina-beach-house-7.JPG (18073 bytes) fernandina-beach-house-8.JPG (17497 bytes)
fernandina-sign.JPG (28348 bytes) fort-san-carlos-view.JPG (18659 bytes) fort-san-carlos-view-1.JPG (14191 bytes)
Old town rests on the site of an ancient Indian campsite and more recently (1816) an old Spanish fort (Fort San Carlos). Views of the Amelia River from this location are quite enchanting
houses-near-plaza-san-carlos.JPG (13896 bytes)   port-of-fernandina-beach.JPG (11394 bytes)
Houses near Plaza San Carlos.   Up river view of the port facilities of Fernandina Beach.

Fernandina Beach Houses and Streets

fernandina-beach-house.JPG (29145 bytes)

fernandina-beach-house-1.JPG (18652 bytes)

fernandina-beach-house-2.JPG (31904 bytes)

Fernandina Beach houses (pictured above and not "on the beach") in dense shade from old trees.
fernandina-beach-house-3.JPG (26146 bytes) amelia-island-lighthouse.JPG (9444 bytes) boat-house.JPG (19735 bytes)
Fernandina Beach house. The lighthouse in Fernandina Beach is closed to the public. This house resembles a boat.
fernandina-beach-street.JPG (24282 bytes) fernandina-beach-streets.JPG (26926 bytes)  
Residential streets in Fernandina Beach.  
cemetery.jpg (27383 bytes) cemetery-1.JPG (27498 bytes) bosque-bello-cemetery.JPG (23001 bytes)
Cemeteries in Fernandina Beach include Bosque Bello where civil war veterans rest.
tiger-point-marina-1.JPG (18935 bytes) tiger-point-marina.JPG (15639 bytes) north-end-boat-ramp.JPG (13188 bytes)
View of Tiger Point Marina. New public boat ramp.

Fernandina Harbor Marina

fernandina-harbor-marina.JPG (17347 bytes) marina-restaurant.JPG (21754 bytes) marina-boardwalk-and restaurant.JPG (16482 bytes)
View of Fernandina Harbor Marina. Wonderful views from the Marina Harbor Restaurant. Walkway along Marina Harbor Restaurant.
in-the-mud.JPG (20664 bytes) floating-docks-fernandina-beach.JPG (16249 bytes)  
Floating docks keep up with the large tidal swings but boats can end up in the mud (upper left) at low tide.  

The Beach at Fernandina Beach, Florida

northern-fernandina-beach.JPG (15168 bytes)

north-fernandina-beach.JPG (14473 bytes) walkovers-fernandina-beach.JPG (12803 bytes)

Dunes in the north-central Fernandina Beach Area

"Walkovers" at Fernandina Beach.

beach-houses-fernandina-beach-north.JPG (15453 bytes)

north-fernandina-beach-condos.jpg (15071 bytes)

along-fernandina-beach-looking-south.JPG (12864 bytes)

Beach houses built high on the dunes.

Fernandina Beach Condos.  View south along Fernandina Beach.

fishing-pier.JPG (9145 bytes)

north-fernandina-beach-1.JPG (14048 bytes) fernandina-beach-access-dusk.JPG (13286 bytes)
Public pier. Public beach access areas.
sunrise-beach-camp.JPG (8782 bytes)    
Beach sunrise (above).    
dunes-at-dusk.JPG (10598 bytes) sunset-fernandina-beach-marina-2.JPG (8882 bytes) sunset-fernandina-beach-marina.JPG (8820 bytes)
Beach access at dusk. Sunsets in Fernandina Harbor.
amelia-river-cruising.JPG (14782 bytes) Nassau-county-courthouse-restoration.JPG (12294 bytes) sunset-cruise.JPG (19460 bytes)

Sailboat on the Amelia River

The restored Nassau County Courthouse.

Evening sailboat cruises.
st.jpg (27714 bytes)    
St. Michael's Catholic Church built pre-1900.    
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