Pictures from Madeira Beach, Florida

Madeira Beach, Florida

Pictures from Madeira Beach.

Madeira Beach (misspelled often as Madiera Beach)  is on the Gulf Coast of Florida, west of St. Petersburg and southwest of Tampa. It is one of the small cities on a group of outlying barrier islands that run from the inlet to Tampa Bay northward to Honeymoon Island State Park.


The city of Madeira Beach has a permanent population of around 5,000 people and a large tourist flux is seen during the winter tourist season. It is bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico and on the east by Boca Ciega Bay. On the north it is bordered by Redington Beach and the south by John's Pass and Treasure Island. It has about 2 miles of beach along Gulf Blvd. and a large residential waterfront area dredged from Boca Ciega Bay.


Visitors to the area should plan a stop at John's Pass at the south end of Madeira Beach. The village at John's Pass has great little shops with everything from souvenirs to bikinis to furniture. Along the pass is the famous waterfront boardwalk with restaurants and other merchants. Here you can sit and relax enjoying a great seafood meal in a tropical environment or at the second story level overlooking  John's Pass. This is also a great area for those romantic sunset dinners and strolls.


Madeira Beach is a fine destination for a day trip or vacation. It has parks on the beach  with parking and restroom facilities, commercial areas for groceries and shopping and great bay or ocean access for boating through John's Pass. A drive through the waterfront homes on the canals of Boca Ciega Bay shows clean neighborhoods, lush landscapes and upscale houses.


Visitors to Madeira Beach, Florida can tour many West Florida cities by car.  St. Petersburg, the cultural center of the area, is about 15 minutes away by car and Tampa about 25 minutes. The island cities north to Clearwater Beach and south to Pass-a-Grille can easily be reached  with a leisurely car ride on Gulf Boulevard. This area can be accessed best by air from the Tampa International Airport (25 minutes) or Sarasota International Airport (45 minutes)

(Madiera Beach)


John's Pass - Madeira Beach


boardwalk-front-john's-pass.JPG (26023 bytes) madeira-beach-johns-pass-boardwalk-entrance.JPG (25269 bytes)
Village Blvd. and Boardwalk Place - John's Pass Entrance to the boardwalk area.
madeira-beach-johns-pass-restaurant.JPG (28047 bytes) madeira-beach-johns-pass-boardwalk-view.JPG (33967 bytes)
Sculley's Restaurant on the boardwalk.  
madeira-beach-johns-pass-boardwalk.JPG (32500 bytes) madeira-beach-johns-pass-bridge.JPG (31978 bytes)
Pictures above are of the boardwalk overlooking John's Pass. After all that shopping in the village you'll want a good meal and something cool to drink!

john's-pass-village-street.JPG (30789 bytes)

madeira-beach-johns-pass-streets.JPG (29176 bytes)

madeira-beach-johns-pass-village-shops.JPG (37547 bytes)

Some of the lesser explored shops and streets in the village (upper and left).

john's-pass-village.JPG (41795 bytes)

madeira-beach-johns-pass-village-shops-1.JPG (34657 bytes) madeira-beach-johns-pass-commercial.JPG (30712 bytes)

Window shop from the brick sidewalks for trinkets to trousers. Get here early though and bring quarters for the parking meters.

madeira-beach-johns-pass-marina-and-condos.JPG (19294 bytes) johns-pass-village.JPG (37471 bytes) homes-at-johns-pass.JPG (26940 bytes)

View of condos and marina across John's Pass.

Views from end of boardwalk: (upper left) indoor/outdoor cafe and (upper right) homes on John's Pass.


Madeira Beach

madeira-beach-south-view.JPG (17615 bytes) madeira-beach-view.JPG (21173 bytes) madeira-beach-south.JPG (17649 bytes)

Photos  (above and below) show one of the local public beach areas - Archibald Memorial Beach Park. North and south of the park oceanfront condos line the beach.

madeira-beach-condos.JPG (24936 bytes) madeira-beach-view-north.JPG (20029 bytes) madeira-beach-north-view.JPG (19302 bytes)

Madeira Beach Houses and Streets

madeira-beach-bayfront-house.JPG (35784 bytes) madeira-beach-houses.JPG (27422 bytes) madeira-beach-street.JPG (36138 bytes)
Madeira Beach streets wind through mostly waterfront single family houses.
madeira-beach-gulf-blvd-south.JPG (25342 bytes) madeira-beach-gulf-blvd-north.JPG (24324 bytes) madeira-beach-shopping.JPG (23934 bytes)

Pictures show views along gulf Boulevard. Shopping is close by, too.


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