Pictures from Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island, Florida

Pictures from
Marco Island.

Marco Island is on the lower southwest coast of Florida, about 95 miles due north of Key West, Florida and south of Tampa by about 170 miles. It is part of, and the most northerly island in the group known as the Ten-Thousand Islands. Most of these islands, although not Marco Island, are part of the Everglades National Park.


This area and the Gulf of Mexico southward to the Florida Keys is famous for its abundance of wildlife and fishing spots. Starting at Marco Island and heading south, all along the coast of south Florida to Florida Bay is teeming with exotic wildlife such as alligator, crocodile, manatee, bobcat, panther, otter and large birds of prey such as eagle, osprey and kite. Minutes away from Marco Island, by boat or car and one is deep into the south Florida Everglades, on sensory overload as the mind tries to cope with the earthy, primitive textures, sounds, sights and smells.


The City of Marco Island was set up to be a vacation wonderland and is home to over 15,000 year-round residents and over twice as many seasonal residents. Boating and fishing enthusiasts are in abundance and a boat rental or boat tour of the area is a must. While most of the better beach area is occupied by hotels, condos and private homes, there is a "residents only" beach and visitors to Marco can access public beach areas including South Marco Beach and Tigertail Beach County Park. Unfortunately, Tigertail Beach does not front the Gulf directly but lies behind a small island..


Visitors to Marco can tour many South Florida cities by car. Naples  and its cosmopolitan life is just 15 minutes north. Less than 90 minutes east is the city of Miami and its northern cousin, Fort Lauderdale. A turn south from here takes one to the top of the Florida Keys in another 30 minutes. Ninety-minutes north will find one at the gateway to Sanibel and Captiva, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach and Pine island including Matlacha, Bokeelia and St. James City. This area can be accessed from the Naples Municipal Airport (20 minutes) or The Southwest Florida International Airport just southwest of Fort Myers (60 minutes).


Marco Island Bridge

marco-island-bridge.jpg (20198 bytes) marco-island-bridge-1.jpg (30344 bytes)
marco-island-condos-4.jpg (18361 bytes) The newer north bridge connecting Marco Island to the mainland just south of Naples (2 top views - Marco side).

View from the north bridge. (left)


Marco Island, Florida Condos and Hotels

marco-island-club.JPG (34301 bytes) marco-island-condo
marcoisland-condos South Collier Blvd., the main drag along the Gulf of Mexico shoreline is populated with hotels and condos. While not unsightly, these multi-story structures seem out of place among the palms and flat  sandy beaches.
marco-island-condos marco-island-condo-3.JPG (35615 bytes)

Tigertail Beach County Park

tigertail-beach-public-area.JPG (36230 bytes)

tigertail-beach-kids-area.JPG (30333 bytes) tigertail-beach-osprey-nest.JPG (9060 bytes)

Entrance to Tigertail Beach County Park. Facilities include restrooms, shower, eating, kids area.

Osprey in man-made nest.

tigertail-beach-rentals.JPG (11096 bytes) tigertail-beach-south-1.JPG (11590 bytes) tigertail-beach-south-2.JPG (12850 bytes)

Rent watercraft, umbrellas, chairs, etc. for the day.

Views south shows wide, sandy beach and condos, hotels along South Collier Blvd.

tigertail-beach-to-gulf.JPG (18037 bytes) tigertail-beach-seagull.JPG (16902 bytes) tigertail-beach-seagulls.JPG (16246 bytes)

Picture (upper left) shows Sand Dollar Island off the shore of Tigertail Beach. The entire area is a great nesting site for aquatic birds.



Marco Island Houses

marco-island-house.JPG (32551 bytes) marco-island-house-1.JPG (29513 bytes) marco-island-house-10.JPG (26148 bytes)

marco-island-house-12.JPG (29985 bytes)

marco-island-house-13.JPG (28168 bytes)

marco-island-house-14.JPG (30228 bytes)
marco-island-house-4.JPG (35785 bytes) marco-island-house-3.JPG (27616 bytes) marco-island-house-5.JPG (30597 bytes)


marco-island-houses marcoisland-houses
Marco Island houses are both old and new. The newer homes tend to be more spacious and ornate because of the relative value of land today.  

Marco Island Streets and Waterways

marco-island-street.JPG (20197 bytes) marco-island-street-1.JPG (32220 bytes) marco-island-canal-1.JPG (22238 bytes)

Marco Island streets are wide, clean and generally traffic-free. The waterways are wide and graceful as they curve through the beautiful areas of Marco Island houses and condos.

marco-island-canal.JPG (21131 bytes) marco-island-canalfront.JPG (25661 bytes) marco-island-house-2.JPG (22301 bytes)

Pictures above and below show beautiful wide, winding waterways and pool homes with boat docks and davits. All areas are seawalled.

marco-island-houses.JPG (26452 bytes) marco-island-pool-house.JPG (20684 bytes) marco-island-waterway.JPG (19083 bytes)

Indian Hills

house-on-hill-1.JPG (34295 bytes) marco-island-street-3.JPG (20129 bytes) view-from-hill.JPG (23647 bytes)

The southeast Marco area is filled with large, expensive estate homes built on thousand-year old, 40 foot high Indian shell mounds. Great views, winding and rolling roadways, and beautiful homes and landscapes highlight this area. Upper right picture shows bay in background.


marco-island-house-11.JPG (25138 bytes)

frangi-pani.JPG (45871 bytes)

marco-island-condo-1.JPG (34199 bytes)

House for Sail.

Frangipani tree in bloom.


trailer-on-bay.JPG (23618 bytes)

marco-island-garden.JPG (41007 bytes)

What do you do with your million dollar bayfront lot? Why you put a trailer on it, of course!

Nice palm tree garden.

seagull-w-lunch.JPG (22158 bytes)

seagull-nesting.JPG (20414 bytes) seagull.jpg (15420 bytes)

Who's got who? Oversized claw on this fiddler crab has a good hold on this bird.

You'll find any number of sea birds nesting, feeding and scurrying around in the Tigertail Beach area.

tigertail-beach-osprey-1.JPG (7551 bytes) tigertail-beach-osprey.JPG (6783 bytes)  

Osprey mug shots.

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