Pictures from Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida

Pictures from Naples.

Naples, Florida is south of Tampa by approximately 150 miles and west of Fort Lauderdale by about 100 miles. It nestles on the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico just outside the vast Everglades area. Originally developed as another of  Florida's "rich man's paradise", Naples has kept  its reputation as home to the wealthy with one of the highest per capita incomes in the nation.


Most locals refer to the area within the city limits as "old Naples" and the remainder of the metropolitan area as "Naples". Old Naples is strikingly different from much of the surrounding area - and from many other Florida coastal areas - because of the many building code restrictions. These restrictions have throttled big developers and left in their wake a charming, peaceful community. Beautiful residential neighborhoods blending almost seamlessly into tastefully presented commercial areas gives old Naples an old Florida charm that's irresistible. Whether you walk, bike or ride through this area, you'll surrender your heart to this tropical wonderland full of palms, flowers and lush landscapes.


Naples caters to a wide variety of interests and tastes, also. From fabulous 5th Avenue shopping to the beaches and parks on the Gulf and inland to the museums and arts centers to the fishing and boating crowd, there is plenty for everyone. Daytime activities are abundant and if you're still standing after dinner, nightlife is not a problem with theatre, clubs and an assortment of bars and late night dining. This little city packs a big tourism punch and vacation time may not be enough to see and enjoy it all.


For "Beach Nuts", this area provides public access to some great beaches through state and local parks as well as through county and city access areas. Lover's Key State Park (just north of Bonita Beach), Barefoot Beach (just south of Bonita Springs) and Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park also have hiking trails and natural areas to explore. Sea turtles, land tortoises and an abundance of sea and land birds provide additional excitement.


Visitors to Naples can tour many southwest Florida cities in the area by car. Thirty minutes or less north is Bonita Beach and Bonita Springs. Thirty to forty-five minutes beyond Bonita you'll find Sanibel and Captiva, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach. Twenty minutes south of Naples is Marco Island. For those with a desire to visit the lower east coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami can all be reached within 90 minutes or so. This area can be accessed by air travel from the Naples Municipal Airport or The Southwest Florida International Airport just southwest of Fort Myers.


Downtown Old Naples, Florida - 5th Avenue South


5th-avenue-south.JPG (37041 bytes) 5th-avenue-south-1.JPG (25386 bytes)
5th-ave-south-1.JPG (31824 bytes) Pictures above and left are views along  beautiful. palm tree lined 5th Avenue South. Famous for its shopping, you'll like the outdoor sidewalk cafes even more.
mccabes-irish-pub-and-grill.JPG (31526 bytes) sudgen-community-theatre.JPG (23304 bytes)
von-liebig-art-center.JPG (37350 bytes) Dine outside for lunch at McCabes Irish Pub & Grill (top, left) or after a performance next door at the Sudgen Community Theatre (top right).  Von Liebig Art Center (left) is just a stroll away.

Third Street South and Gallery Row

broad-avenue-gallery-row.JPG (26160 bytes) Historic 3rd Street South has much the same appeal as 5th Avenue with sidewalk cafes and upscale shopping. Broad Avenue's Gallery Row (above) features fine art galleries.

old-naples-pub.JPG (32554 bytes)

dolphins-by-george-lundeen.JPG (31774 bytes)

Relax for lunch outdoors at the vine-covered Old Naples Pub


"Dolphins" by George Lundeen (center) graces the corner of 3rd Street and Broad Avenue.  

Naples Pier

naples-pier-2.JPG (8212 bytes) naples-pier-1.JPG (13633 bytes) naples-pier-beach

The original 1888 Naples pier was a railway freight and passenger dock. Rebuilt many times after fires and storms, the pier and public beach are today a Naples landmark.

naples-pier-flag.JPG (40794 bytes) naples-north.JPG (16995 bytes) naples-pier.JPG (21764 bytes)

US flag flies at the entrance to the Naples pier.

View of North Naples from the pier across the Gulf of Mexico.

Fish, sit, stroll or just hang out at the pier.


Old Naples Beach Houses

old-naples-beach-house.jpg old-naples-beach-house-1.jpg naples-beach-house.JPG (18173 bytes)

naples-beach-house-1.JPG (25598 bytes)

naples-beach-house-3.JPG (25110 bytes) naples-beach-house-4.JPG (34411 bytes)

Today's beach houses in Old Naples are mostly roomy estates. Gone are the quaint quarters from years ago reflecting the multi-million dollar land purchases for beachfront.


Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park


delnor-observation-tower-view.jpg delnor-restrooms.jpg (26112 bytes)

Picture of beach entrance at north end of island.

View from the observation tower at north end.

Eating and restroom facilities.

delnor-boardwalk-small.jpg delnor-wiggins-fun.jpg delnor-sunbathe.jpg

Boardwalk trails.

Deep beaches; fine, white sand; clear, emerald surf gives way to deep blue waters (above and below).

delnor-umbrella.jpg delnor-wiggins-beach.jpg (11302 bytes) delnor-wiggins-state-park-beach.jpg

Read the paper, sunbathe or frolic in the surf.

Delnor Wiggins is in north Collier County and these pictures show North Naples skyline in the background.

wiggins-pass.jpg wiggins-pass-boats.jpg delnor-condo-view.jpg (19636 bytes)

Pictures above of Wiggins Pass (left) and boats just out of pass. There is a large marina in the pass.

Photos of condos and crane from observation tower. 

Loudermilk Park


loudermilk-park-1.jpg loudermilk-park-beach-huts.jpg
Coconut palm-lined entrance to Loudermilk Park in Naples.

Thatched huts on the beach are great for shade if you're spending the day at the beach.



Rent an umbrella or bring your own to enjoy the white powder sands and clear, sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico.


North Naples - Park Shore - The Moorings

gulfshore-drive.jpg (19324 bytes) moorings-condos-1.jpg moorings-condos.jpg

Gulf Shore Dr. heading south.

Bays and inlets, uncommon in old Naples are featured in the more recently developed North Naples areas.

north-naples-beach-house.jpg north-naples-beach-house-1.jpg north-naples-beach-house-2.jpg
Beach houses in North Naples along Gulf Shore Drive.
north-naples-beach-house-3.jpg north-naples-canal.jpg north-naples-condo-2.jpg

North Naples Beach house

North Naples canal & houses.

Condos on lake.

park-shore-canal-condos.jpg park-shore-condos.jpg (21269 bytes) park-shore-house.jpg

Condos and house in elite Park Shore, North Naples.

Plants and other pictures.

shell-id.jpg (18248 bytes) tortoise-sign.jpg (17637 bytes)

condo-thru-trees.jpg (42454 bytes)

Shell ID board at park.

This sign is for tortoises, common throughout the area. 

Condo through trees

naples-philharmonic-center-for-the-arts naples-trolley arch.jpg (32203 bytes)

Philharmonic Center for the Arts.

Famous Naples Trolley Tours.

Large hedge with driveway opening. 

flower-bush orchid-tree naples-front-yard.JPG (33050 bytes)

Red Ixora and purple Bougainvillea.

Pink Orchid Tree in bloom.

Naples front yard complete with bridges and fountains.

loudermilk-park-2.jpg (35037 bytes) north-naples-condo old-naples-street

Loudermilk Park palms.

Naples condo.

Street view in old Naples.


delnor-tunnel.jpg (32872 bytes)


The observation tower at the north end of Delnor Wiggins.

Boardwalk through undergrowth at Delnor Wiggins.

Great way to spend the day!

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