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Ormond Beach.

Ormond Beach is just about 6 miles north of Daytona Beach, situated on the Atlantic Ocean on the north central Florida coast.  Bordered on the east by the Atlantic and the west by the Halifax River, which today is part of the Intracoastal Waterway, Ormond's life began as a river settlement. Ormond Beach's population was just over 36,000 full time residents for the year 2000 census and due to the number of hotels and motels, the population figures swell considerably during holidays, weekends and the tourist season.


For those wishing for a more sedate beach, the 6 miles difference between Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach make a vast difference. Gone is the restive  "kiddie" beach crowd, motorcycle crowd and commercial tourist attractions which seem to favor Daytona and a more tranquil town is in its stead. While some surfers can often be found lurking at the water's edge, this beach town seems to favor families and an older crowd. While there are multi-story structures and an appreciable skyline on the beach, the beaches never do seem to get too crowded. They don't race on those hard-packed, red sands out at the water's edge anymore but some beachgoers still get a kick out of driving and parking on them. It's all legal and works well for a day's outing with a large family.


The history of Ormond Beach seems to be similar to it's larger southern neighbor - Daytona Beach. Here some of the famed names in the automotive industry raced their 4-wheeled, gasoline-powered prototypes on the hard-packed beach sands and Captains of Industry flocked to its shores. Henry Flagler's railroad brought passengers directly to the beach town, pushing growth throughout. Today, Ormond Beach marches to the beat of its own drummer. Except for an occasional spillover from excessive guests at Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach visitors and residents alike mark time in a sedentary style.


Visitors to Ormond Beach, FL can tour many local cities by car.  The closest, larger beach town with shopping and attractions is Daytona Beach, 6 miles south. The Kennedy Space Center, Orlando and the major theme parks and St. Augustine can all be reached in about 1 hour's drive. From here, Tampa and the west coast of Florida can be reached in as little as 2 hours. This area can be accessed best by aircraft from the Daytona Beach International Airport (20 minutes).


Ormond Beach


ormond-beach-view.JPG (18098 bytes) ormond-beach-parking.JPG (11467 bytes)
beach-bicycles.JPG (15351 bytes) Ormond Beach is a great place to visit (or live!). The beaches are quiet and clean even though cars are allowed. Vendors rent almost anything "beach" from trailers and trucks.
ormond-beach-drive.JPG (16446 bytes) ormond-beach-1.JPG (10013 bytes)
The beaches are well patrolled and vehicular traffic has only daytime hours.  Looks like lunch break with a view!
ormond-beach-skyline-dawn.JPG (11188 bytes) ormond-beach-dawn.JPG (9994 bytes)
Dawn brings the walkers and runners to the beach.
ormond-beach-sunris1.JPG (6946 bytes) ormond-beach-at-dawn.JPG (10664 bytes)
Sunrise is a great time on this beach. The sea is calm, high-rise buildings are silhouetted against a morning sky, the seabirds are looking for breakfast and just a few people are taking advantage of these most alluring moments.

Ormond Beach Houses

ormond-beach-house-10.JPG (16761 bytes) ormond-beach-house-11.JPG (25498 bytes) ormond-beach-house-12.JPG (18066 bytes)
Most houses look to be built more than 20 years ago giving Ormond Beach a settled look.
ormond-beach-house-2.JPG (24181 bytes) ormond-beach-house-3.JPG (23565 bytes) ormond-beach-house-4.JPG (21154 bytes)
ormond-beach-house-5.JPG (15464 bytes) ormond-beach-house-6.JPG (18977 bytes) ormond-beach-house-8.JPG (17875 bytes)
ormond-beach-house-9.JPG (20000 bytes)    


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