Pictures from Bokeelia, Florida

Bokeelia, Florida

Pictures from Bokeelia Pine Island, Florida

Bokeelia and Pineland are on the north end of Pine Island, which is on the lower Gulf Coast of Florida, 125 miles south of Tampa. About 17 miles long and 4 miles wide, sheltered from the gulf, Pine Island sits behind the Sanibel-Captiva Islands in the bay waters. Population is sparse due to its "out-of-the-way" setting.


Bokeelia juts north into Charlotte Harbor. It is in stark contrast to the appearance of the rest of Pine Island. This beautiful little town has had to live in the shadows of it's more famous neighbors that attract tourists to their Gulf of Mexico beaches but it is well worth visiting - or even living here! There is a great bayfront beach, crystal clear waters, lagoons and waterways, fishing galore and a nice peaceful pace. What was once a quiet fishing village and retirement community has been discovered but growth is not ruining its character.


If you plan a road trip, detour off the main drag to or from Bokeelia and see Pineland. The Calusa Indians settled this area thousands of years ago. Large shell mounds mark burial grounds and many can be found here. Although the state now prohibits the disturbance of these mounds, rest assured there are skeletal remains yet in these man-made shell hills.


As for much of Southwest Florida, quiet family vacations or home buying seems to be the draw. These pictures attempt to show the viewer typical houses, villas and condos that might be of interest and their natural surroundings.

You can view pictures from Matlacha and Pine Island Center or St. James City.


Bokeelia-Condos.JPG (36883 bytes) Bokeelia-Marina-Condos.JPG (21999 bytes)


On the way to Bokeelia some very nice condos are displayed. Jug Creek area showing the marina and condos in the background.
Bokeelia House-1.JPG (33659 bytes) Jug-Creek-Bokeelia.JPG (28655 bytes)
Jug Creek house sitting by itself on a seawalled point.  
Jug-Creek-Houses.JPG (32448 bytes) Jug-Creek-1.JPG (25983 bytes)

Bokeelia-Canal.JPG (43256 bytes)

More Jug Creek pictures. This is a very picturesque small lagoon with beautiful tropical settings. (left) This 2nd story balcony overlooks a beautiful canal.
Enter-Bokeelia.JPG (26108 bytes) Bokeelia-Street.JPG (34480 bytes)
At the far end, the road turns left and enters the Bokeelia village. The road is now shell - bay view on the right and houses on the left.
Bokeelia-House.JPG (44230 bytes) Bokeelia-Tree.JPG (47306 bytes) Bokeelia-Home.JPG (41307 bytes)
Some beautiful tropical settings can be found along the shell-topped drive.
Bokeelia-Homes.JPG (37665 bytes) Bokeelia-Drive.JPG (42066 bytes) Capt'n-Con's-Fish-House.JPG (28856 bytes)
These look directly across at the bay - beautiful view. The little shell road continues... ...and leads us to "Capt'n Con's Fish House" - stop for a sandwich.
Bokeelia-Pier.JPG (17904 bytes) Pelican-Fish.JPG (26525 bytes) Pelicans.JPG (30185 bytes)
Fishing pier at Capt'n Con's - lots of snook fishin' here. This fish has had a very bad day... Pelicans and Seagulls party it up on the sandbar.
Bokeelia-Golf-Community.JPG (36040 bytes) Bokeelia-Golf-Course.JPG (35693 bytes) Bokeelia-Mango-House.JPG (31145 bytes)
Alden Pines Golf Community. The golf course - a house or condo here is the golfer's dream. Mangos grow well on Pine Island and this is old plantation house.
Pineland-PO.JPG (36870 bytes) Pineland-Landmark.JPG (37659 bytes) Pineland-House.JPG (45120 bytes)
The Pineland area is just south of Bokeelia. Florida landmark area. Stop and suntan on the little beach. This Pineland beauty belongs to the University of Florida.
Bokeelia-Old-House.JPG (52904 bytes) Bokeelia-View.JPG (33595 bytes) Calusa-Indian Mound-4.jpg (56040 bytes)
This may be an old fashioned Pineland home... ...but the view is contemporary and just gorgeous. House (highlighted) sits atop this 25' Calusa Indian burial mound.
Bokeelia-Paradise.JPG (47944 bytes) Can this really be where someone gets to sit and watch the sun set each evening?? Ah, Bokeelia, the little Pine Island jewel.  
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