Pictures from St. James City, Florida

St. James City, Florida

Pictures from St. James City

St. James City is on the southern tip of  Pine Island, which is on the lower Gulf Coast of Florida, 125 miles south of Tampa. Pine Island is about 17 miles long and 4 miles wide and sits in the back bay waters, sheltered from the gulf by  the Sanibel-Captiva Islands. Population is sparse due to its "out-of-the-way" setting.


St. James City is one of the combination fishing settlement, retirement communities this area of Florida was famous for (notorious?) before the state began to regulate the many forms of commercial fishing. Many of the fishermen and their families have moved on but a few still remain. It never captured the imagination or  featured the flavor of, say, the Key West fishing community, and few regret its passing. Retirees still come to St. James City seeking its quiet and slow pace. 


Strident building codes, insects and inaccessibility have all hampered the growth of St. James City and largely, Pine Island as well. Wintertime visitors still come for the fishing and pleasant surroundings. However, day-trip tourists will have little to see and do that is memorable. 

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St_James_City_Pine.JPG (23958 bytes) St_James_City_Florida.JPG (19728 bytes)


The road to St. James City always looks like this...

Not much commercial development but you can walk or bike to many areas.
St_James_City_Street_2.JPG (32491 bytes) St_James_City_Houses.JPG (33626 bytes)
St_James_City_Homes.JPG (33421 bytes) St. James City is a blend of the old (above) and new (below). Many of the older houses were built as retirement residences or fishing outposts without much attention to construction details or building codes.
St_James_City_House_2.JPG (29621 bytes) St_James_City_House_1.JPG (44821 bytes)
St_James_City_House_3.JPG (43016 bytes) In the newer developed areas of St. James some very nice properties may be found. What appear to be 3-story residences are homes on pilings to conform to the flood plain requirements.
St_James_City_Street_1.JPG (17643 bytes) St_James_City_Street.JPG (29183 bytes)
St_James_City_House.JPG (33077 bytes) Views down many streets shows new plantings. Many areas are newly developed but many others were cleared and some great old trees and landscapes destroyed.
St_James_City_Canal.JPG (39388 bytes) St_James_City_Canal_2.JPG (29154 bytes) St_James_City_Canal_1.JPG (39848 bytes)
Canal views here (above) are nicer than Matlacha and the back bay vistas (below) are sweeping and beautiful. 
St_James_City_Bay.JPG (27092 bytes) St_James_City_Bay_2.JPG (24843 bytes) St_James_City_Bay_1.JPG (22632 bytes)
With little property set aside for public use, though, soon you will have to 'own' to see the view. 
Playground.JPG (33016 bytes) St. James City is certainly worth a visit but there is limited access to bayviews, beaches and other points of interest. It's a 'no-no' with kids as there's almost no place to let them out of the car to look around.  St_James_Place.JPG (36821 bytes)
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