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Ponce Inlet

Ponce Inlet is just about 10 miles south of Daytona Beach at the mouth of the Halifax River, which is better known as the Intracoastal Waterway. This Atlantic Ocean inlet is one of the few in Florida not crossed by a bridge and visitors wishing to access Cape Canaveral and all points south  from this area must drive back out to the mainland.  Ponce Inlet's population is less than 3000 full time residents and due to the lack of hotels and motels, the residency figures stay much the same during the tourist season.


Ponce Inlet is best known for the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse (officially known as The Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station).. Once in danger of ruin, the lighthouse, buildings and grounds have been magnificently restored to their previous beauty. The tallest lighthouse in Florida, and the second tallest in the nation, it is open for the intrepid to climb its 175 feet. Those taking the 203 steps required to reach the top will be rewarded with some spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, the inlet, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach and anything else for miles around. Don't wear yourself out climbing the lighthouse, though, because there's plenty to see at the ground level. The restored buildings are accessible and there is a small museum on the premises.


Those taking the time will learn substantially more than they ever wanted to about this and other lighthouses.

Ponce Inlet isn't very big and a quick tour of the area shows some very pretty residential settings. Some parts of Ponce Inlet are heavily wooded and driving the quiet streets with the lush canopies overhead is a serene treat. Ponce de Leon and his men probably felt much the same as they cruised around the peninsula 500 years ago.


Visitors to Ponce Inlet, FL can tour many local cities by car.  The closest, larger beach town with shopping and attractions is Daytona Beach, 10 miles north. This area can be accessed best by aircraft from the Daytona Beach International Airport (20 minutes).


Ponce de Leon Lighthouse


ponce-lighthouse-3.JPG (13784 bytes) ponce-inlet-lighthouse.JPG (12093 bytes)
Surrounded by the restored buildings of the lighthouse keeper's quarters, the assistant lighthouse keeper's quarters, a lighthouse museum and administrative building, the lighthouse is breathtakingly beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. ponce-inlet-lighthouse-through-trees.JPG (25232 bytes)
ponce-inlet-lighthouse-lens.JPG (19072 bytes) ponce-inlet-lighthouse-fresnel-lens.JPG (41864 bytes)
Fresnel lenses on display at the lighthouse museum.
ponce-deleon-lighthouse.JPG (13976 bytes) ponce-inlet-lighthouse-museum.JPG (14725 bytes)
Lighthouse and grounds. Lighthouse museum.
ponce-inlet-lighthouse-gearworks.JPG (19674 bytes) ponce-inlet-tug.JPG (31464 bytes) ponce-lighthouse-stairs.JPG (15996 bytes)
Lens rotational gearworks on display at the museum. Tugboat on display. View from the bottom - lots of lighthouse steps: 195!

Ponce Inlet Houses

ponce-inlet-house-4.JPG (25710 bytes) ponce-inlet-house.JPG (29297 bytes) ponce-inlet-house-1.JPG (29413 bytes)
Many houses are tucked away in quiet, woodland areas.
ponce-inlet-house-5.JPG (20826 bytes) ponce-inlet-house-3.JPG (28205 bytes) ponce-inlet-house-2.JPG (16669 bytes)
ponce-inlet-beach-house.JPG (16480 bytes) ponce-inlet-beach-house-1.JPG (15480 bytes) ponce-inlet-house-6.JPG (13354 bytes)

Ponce Inlet Streets

ponce-inlet-street-1.JPG (20656 bytes) ponce-inlet-street.JPG (34394 bytes) ponce-inlet-beach.JPG (13197 bytes)
These tree-lined streets define the quiet solitude of many Ponce Inlet neighborhoods. Beach areas are rapidly being filled with houses.
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