Pictures from Redington Beach, Redington Shores and North Redington Beach, Florida

North Redington Beach, 

Redington Beach and

Redington Shores, Florida

Pictures from Redington Beach, North Redington Beach and Redington Shores.

Redington Beach, North Redington Beach and Redington Shores are neighboring cities on the Gulf Coast of Florida, west of Tampa and St. Petersburg.  These small  barrier island cities are bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the west and Boca Ciega Bay to the east as well as Indian Rocks beach to the north and Madeira Beach to the south.


Each city has a permanent population of around 2,000 people and extends approximately one-to-two miles along Gulf Boulevard, the main artery for this area. All cities are mostly residential in nature with oceanfront condos, private waterfront residences along the shores and canals of Boca Ciega Bay and inland dwellings. Outside of a few restaurants, the pier and the beach, there are few attractions. Beach access points for the daytime visitor appear limited and permits may be required for residents and visitors alike.


Visitors to the area will enjoy the popular Redington Long Pier in Redington Shores - a wooden structure jutting over 900 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. Laden with fishermen, pelicans and seagulls this narrow strip of wood provides some great views back to the shore for those willing and able to walk its planks. Don't forget about the great fishing, either!


The government and citizens of Redington Beach, North Redington and Redington Shores are serious about keeping their island paradise just that. There are many restrictions and regulations in place in these 3 cities to keep them clean, orderly and peaceful. If you are looking for a more wide open place to spend vacation, travel a few more miles north to Clearwater Beach.


Visitors to Redington Beach, North Redington Beach and Redington Shores can tour many West Florida cities by car.  The Island cities of Indian Shores, Indian Rocks Beach, Belleair Beach, Belleair Shores and Clearwater all lie north along Gulf Boulevard a few miles or more. Madeira Beach, Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach and Pass-a-Grille all lie a few miles south. This area can be accessed best from the Tampa International Airport (30 minutes) or the Bradenton-Sarasota International Airport just south (60 minutes).


Redington Shores


redington-shores-view-from-pier.JPG (14523 bytes) redington-shores-skyline.JPG (14808 bytes)
These pictures were taken from the Redington Long Pier and show the north and south skyline on the beach.
view-from-redington-long-pier.JPG (19821 bytes) redington-shores-beach-north.JPG (13501 bytes)
Picture shows view directly back from 1000' pier. Photo of beach northward from pier area.
redington-shores-beach-access.JPG (17090 bytes) beach-rocks-at-redington-shores.JPG (14235 bytes)
Beach public access point at Redington Shores. Rocky shoreline roped off in Redington Shores.

Redington Shores Beachfront Condos

redington-shores-gulf-front-condos.JPG (20816 bytes) redington-shores-beachfront-condos.JPG (18696 bytes)
redington-shores-oceanfront-condos.JPG (18219 bytes)   redington-shores-beach-south.JPG (18652 bytes)

Redington Shores Streets

redington-shores-beachside-alleyway.JPG (24446 bytes)

redington-shores-alleyway.JPG (21173 bytes)

redington-shores-streets.JPG (29400 bytes)

 On the ocean-side of Gulf Blvd. there are alleyways and small gulf-side cottages similar to Indian Rocks Beach.  

...on the bay side newer houses and streets prevail.

Redington Shores Houses

redington-shores-house.JPG (22294 bytes)

redington-shores-house-1.JPG (33819 bytes) redington-shores-house-3.JPG (33931 bytes)
redington-shores-house-4.JPG (29096 bytes)  

Redington Shores Waterfront Houses

redington-shores-waterfront-house.JPG (26360 bytes) redington-shores-waterfront-house-2.JPG (24776 bytes) redington-shores-waterfront-houses.JPG (39591 bytes)

These are waterfront houses on the east or Intracoastal side of the island.


Redington Long Pier

pier-entrance-1.JPG (23129 bytes) redington-long-pier.JPG (16559 bytes) pier-entrance.JPG (31608 bytes)

Bait shop and entrance to  Redington Long Pier

Pier extends over 900' into the Gulf of Mexico.

Bait shop from pier side.

pier-end.JPG (22315 bytes) redington-long-pier-walk.JPG (25712 bytes) redington-long-pier-n.JPG (11997 bytes)

Caution! Fishermen at work.

View of the beach and long pier from the north

  redington-long-pier-1.JPG (17996 bytes)  


...from beginning to end...



North Redington Beach

north-redington-beach-gulf-drive-north.JPG (20732 bytes)

north-redington-beach-gulf-drive-south.JPG (26439 bytes) skyline-north-redington-beach.JPG (17691 bytes)

North and south views along Gulf Blvd. in N. Redington Beach

N. Redington Beach Skyline.


north-redington-beach-house.JPG (28719 bytes)

north-redington-beach-house-1.JPG (24965 bytes)

north-redington-beach-house-2.JPG (34176 bytes)
north-redington-beach-house-4.JPG (30165 bytes)

Photos of houses above and to the sides were taken on Intracoastal side of Gulf Blvd. in North Redington Beach.

north-redington-beach-home.JPG (10720 bytes)

Redington Beach

redington-beach-waterway.JPG (16121 bytes) redington-beach-houses-on-waterway.JPG (10783 bytes) redington-beach-stuart-causway.JPG (12106 bytes)

Typical views of the scenic Boca Ciega Bay waterways in Redington Beach.

View of the Stuart Causeway; exit from Redington Beach

redington-beach-houses-waterway.JPG (14955 bytes) redington-beach-waterfront-view.JPG (32705 bytes) redington-beach-condos.JPG (12138 bytes)

Houses along Boca Ciega Bay

Condos along Boca Ciega Bay

 Redington Beach Houses

redington-beach-waterfront-house-4.JPG (34368 bytes) redington-beach-house-4.JPG (24002 bytes) redington-beach-waterfront-house-3.JPG (25578 bytes)
redington-beach-bayfront-house.JPG (32883 bytes) redington-beach-bayfront-house-1.JPG (26918 bytes) redington-beach-bayfront-house-2.JPG (21085 bytes)
redington-beach-bayfront-house-4.JPG (29231 bytes) redington-beach-house.JPG (25930 bytes) redington-beach-house-1.JPG (31966 bytes)

Redington Beach is primarily a waterfront residential community. There are few canals and the waterway views from the residences are mostly of Boca Ciega Bay.


Redington Beach Streets

redington-beach-street.JPG (26592 bytes) redington-beach-gulf-blvd-north.JPG (22925 bytes) redington-beach-gulf-blvd-south.JPG (20274 bytes)

Typical street view.


Pictures show Gulf Blvd. (north and south)

redington-beach-ocean-front-home.JPG (23099 bytes) One of the few beachfront houses in Redington Beach (left). It fronts directly on Gulf Blvd.  



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