Pictures from Siesta Key Florida

Siesta Key, Florida

Pictures from Siesta Key.

Siesta Key, Florida is south of Tampa by approximately 60 miles. It is one of the barrier islands west of and just off the coast of Sarasota. With a little over 7,000 full time residents, Siesta Key's population almost triples during the winter season. The island has two concrete bridges, one at the northern tip and the other towards the southern end, which provide easy access to this paradise of water and sand. Virtually all the roads are paved and well marked making it a comfortable tour by car.


It's simple to pick the best part of Siesta Key - just follow Beach Road until you find the parking area for Siesta Beach. Famous for its "quartz sands", the white, powdery-fine grains squeak when you walk. The sandy shoreline is highly compacted and it makes for a great walking and jogging surface. If you're an early morning riser who likes to stroll the  beach at dawn, you'll find plenty of company, here. You won't just walk or run the beach, though, because the entire park area is filled with sports facilities, picnic and play equipment for the kids. This broad, deep beach is a local favorite of the residents of Siesta Key and Sarasota and even though the parking lot holds over 700 cars, get there early or you'll have no place to park. 


Thankfully, even if you can't settle in at Siesta Beach, you can motor south to one of several other beaches. There are beach access points to Crescent Beach and Point of Rocks or you can continue south on Midnight Pass Road (love that name) to Turtle Beach at the tip of Siesta Key. The Turtle Beach park features a picnic and restroom area as well as a large boat ramp for access to the bay.


If you're not too tired from the day's activities, head over to the Siesta Village area on Ocean Boulevard for the evening. You can find your choice of  indoor restaurants or outdoor sidewalk cafes for a delightful evening meal and late night music and drinks. The small clusters of people gathering for restaurant seating, the smells of cooking foods wafting through the air and the music in the streets provides for a carnival atmosphere. A few blocks away from the milling crowds is a beach access point allowing for those romantic strolls on the moonlit sands.


Visitors to Siesta Key, FL can tour many southwest Florida cities in the area by car. Sarasota, the cultural hub of the area, is just across the north bridge. The Tampa-St. Pete area is about an hour, north. Local barrier islands, including Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island and Lido Key - home of the famous St. Armands circle - can be toured with a northerly day drive. A little over one-hour's drive south and you'll find the gateway to Sanibel and Captiva, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach. One-hour and thirty minutes or less south is Bonita Beach and Bonita Springs. Two hours or less driving south will place one in the Naples and Marco Island area. For those with a desire to visit the lower east coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami can all be reached within 3 hours. This area can be accessed by air travel from the Sarasota Airport.


Siesta Beach



siesta-beach-crowd.JPG (11113 bytes) siesta-beach-kite.JPG (17282 bytes)
Crowds gather in mid-morning at Siesta Beach. Early morning kite-boarding practice on the beach.
siesta-beach-north.JPG (8447 bytes) siesta-beach-volleyball.JPG (10182 bytes)
Walkers, joggers, treasure hunters on the shoreline. Volleyball nets on the beach.
siesta-beach-tennis-courts.JPG (19422 bytes) siesta-beach-picnic.JPG (29928 bytes)

This is a large public beach park and has volleyball on the beach, ball fields, lighted tennis courts and a large area of picnic tables as well as a kids play area with swings, slides and other kid things. Restroom facilities, showers,  food and drink are available.

siesta-beach-lifeguard-tower.JPG (31076 bytes)

siesta-beach-concession-area.JPG (21565 bytes)

One of several lifeguard towers.

Concession area of Siesta Beach with rest rooms.

siesta-beach-admin-parking.JPG (16382 bytes)  

Admin. building and large parking area for ~800 cars.




Siesta Key Condos

siesta-key-condos.JPG (16738 bytes) siesta-beach-beach-road-condos.JPG (20716 bytes) siesta-key-beach-road-condos.JPG (22182 bytes)

Siesta Key condos across from Siesta Beach - great view!

You'll find condos all along Beach Road in Siesta Key.
siesta-key-street.JPG (26777 bytes) siesta-key-street-1.JPG (23731 bytes) siesta-beach-midnight-pass-road.JPG (18345 bytes)

Ocean Boulevard is the main commercial strip. It has sidewalk restaurants and bars, exotic shopping and a beach access area. 

Midnight Pass Road. Runs to south end of Siesta Key. 


Siesta Key Houses

seista-key-houses.JPG (32194 bytes) siesta-key-estate.JPG (31443 bytes) siestakey-house.JPG (33499 bytes)

siesta-key-house.JPG (27075 bytes)

siesta-key-house-1.JPG (34971 bytes) siesta-keys-house.JPG (26919 bytes)
siesta-key-house-4.JPG (30770 bytes) siesta-key-house-5.JPG (19342 bytes) siestakey-houses.JPG (35635 bytes)

siesta-key-houses.JPG (34672 bytes)

Siesta Key beach houses are a rarity considering the amount of beachfront footage on this island. Condos and motels-hotels occupy most of the prime footage. However, much of the beach land is public and everyone gets to enjoy it.  For the avid house spotters, bayside is the place to go.



Point of Rocks

siesta-key-point-of-rocks.JPG (14230 bytes) siesta-key-point-of-rocks-1.JPG (12244 bytes) These southern view photos (to left) of Point of Rocks show the northernmost point of this rocky formation, an area frequented by divers and the intrepidly curious.
point-of-rocks-beach-access.JPG (26287 bytes) siesta-key-skyline-point-of-rocks.JPG (9737 bytes) siesta-key-point-of-rocks-beach.JPG (10874 bytes)

Beach access path to Point of Rocks area.


The beach north of Point of Rocks looking north at the Siesta Key skyline and Crescent Beach. This is a public access area.


Siesta Key Streets and Views

siesta-key-skyline.JPG (7547 bytes) crescent-beach-condos.JPG (17540 bytes) grand-canal-siesta-key.JPG (26637 bytes)

Siesta Key skyline.

Crescent Beach condos, just south of Siesta Beach.

Picture of Siesta Key's Grand Canal from the bridge.

siesta-key-streets.JPG (36916 bytes)

siesta-key-streets-1.JPG (21487 bytes) seista-key-streets.JPG (26234 bytes)

Siesta Key is well developed with tropical-looking paved roads and bike paths. 



Siesta Village

siesta-village-condo.JPG (22692 bytes)

siesta-village-house-2.JPG (24567 bytes) siesta-village-house.JPG (22025 bytes)

Considered the commercial district for Siesta Key, this older area retains its history.

siesta-village-condos-1.JPG (17354 bytes) siesta-village-condos.JPG (22119 bytes) siesta-key-old-pier.JPG (19641 bytes)

Low-rise condos in Siesta Village.

The old pier.


Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is a public beach with restroom and picnic facilities. One can walk from Turtle Beach south down onto Casey Key and keep walking to the jetty at Venice!

siesta-key-turtle-beach.JPG (9820 bytes) turtle-beach-boat-ramp.JPG (16485 bytes) turtle-beach-condos.JPG (10236 bytes)
Turtle Beach view north. Turtle Beach boat ramp on Blind Pass Lagoon. Condos across from Turtle Beach on Blind Pass Lagoon.

Bay Island

Siesta Drive runs from Sarasota to Siesta Key across Bay Island, a scenic outpost of residential waterfront homes on Sarasota Bay.

drawbridge-to-siesta-key.JPG (17106 bytes) siesta-key-waterfront-houses.JPG (18340 bytes) sarasota-bay-sailboat.JPG (14313 bytes)

Drawbridge from Sarasota to Bay Island.

View of Bay Island to Siesta Key in background. Sailboat nearing drawbridge from Sarasota to Bay Island.
bay-island-at-siesta-key.JPG (15484 bytes) sarasota-skyline-from-sarasota-bay.JPG (12954 bytes)

sarasota-skyline-from-siesta-key.JPG (11305 bytes)

Bay Island Waterfront Homes.

View of Sarasota skyline from Bridge (above center & right).

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