Pictures from St. Pete Beach, Florida

St. Pete Beach, Florida

Pictures from St. Pete Beach.

No longer St. Petersburg Beach but St. Pete Beach, this little island town is on the Gulf Coast of Florida, west of St. Petersburg and Southwest of Tampa. It is one of the small municipalities on a group of outlying barrier islands that run from the inlet to Tampa Bay northward to Honeymoon Island State Park.


The city of St. Pete Beach has a permanent population of around 10,000 people and swells even larger during the busy winter tourist season. This barrier island (Long Key) is bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico and on the east by Boca Ciega Bay. On the north it is bordered by Blind Pass and Treasure Island and on the south by the historical island community of Pass-a-Grille and North Channel. It has about 3 miles of gulf beach and relatively large residential waterfront communities dredged from Boca Ciega Bay. 


The public beach in St Pete Beach is a great beach for old and young alike. A built-up and stone-paved pavilion area with steps leading almost to the water's edge allow surfside proximity to virtually everyone. The sugar-sandy beach is great fun for kids and firmness at the water's edge make it great for walking, running or just strolling during those sunrise and sunset hours.

Across the street and nearby are several restaurants and bars beckoning you to relax and enjoy your favorite cocktail or try the luncheon and dinner menus. Sunsets are the key entertainment each evening but you'll probably enjoy the live music almost as much.


The area enjoys a huge following devoted to its waterborne identity. Sailing craft, powerboats and personal watercraft of all dimensions fill the waters around Long Key. Beautiful residential waterfront developments have sprung up from the tidal waters of Boca Ciega Bay and their proximity and ease of access to Gulf waters make them enviable properties. Adding to the enchantment of this ocean side retreat is the Intracoastal Waterway through the bay which allows sailors to freely navigate their craft up and down the coastline in safe waters.


Further south on St. Pete Beach is the historical area known as Pass-a-Grille. The stories about the origin of the name for this southern tip of the island almost all involve early non-English speaking settlers and cooking. (I guess it's easy to see why.) The distinctive name aside, this small community shows its singular charm in the older houses, streets and beach areas of a bygone era that the residents strive to protect. It is a registered National Historic District with buildings dating to the late 1800's.


Visitors to St. Pete Beach, Florida can tour many west and southwest Florida cities by car.  The Sarasota area can be reached in about 30 minutes. All of the little beach cities along Gulf Boulevard north up to Clearwater Beach can be visited with a leisurely drive. The cultural center of the area - St. Petersburg - is about 15 minutes away and Tampa about 20. This area can be accessed best from the Tampa International Airport (20 minutes) or The Bradenton Sarasota Airport (30 minutes).


St. Pete Beach

entrance-st.JPG (29475 bytes) st-pete-beach.JPG (17612 bytes)
st-pete-beach-view-north.JPG (16243 bytes) St. Pete Beach ...beach... Well, whatever you call it, it is a beautiful beach. From the paved stone entranceway to the sandy shores you'll love every inch of this public facility.
hurricane-seafood-restaurant.JPG (30431 bytes) gulf-way-view.JPG (31735 bytes)
The Hurricane Seafood Restaurant (upper left) and view south on Gulf Blvd. (right upper). 
gulf-blvd-st.JPG (24750 bytes) st-pete-house.JPG (38659 bytes)

Another Gulf Blvd. view.

House along Gulf Blvd.


beach-view-house.JPG (38960 bytes)

gulf-view-house.JPG (37052 bytes)

These houses are on the east side of Gulf Blvd. and have an unobstructed view the Gulf of Mexico from across the street.

st-pete-beach-bayfront-house.JPG (33632 bytes) st-pete-beach-bayfront-house-2.JPG (25299 bytes) st-pete-beach-bayfront-house-3.JPG (23618 bytes)

Pictures above are waterfront houses from the bay side of St. Pete Beach.

st-pete-beach-waterfront-houses.JPG (25305 bytes)   beach-street.JPG (37567 bytes)

Waterfront view of  houses.


Alleyway near the beach.

st-pete-beach-bayfront-houses.JPG (19072 bytes) st-pete-beach-waterway-1.JPG (21370 bytes) st.-pete-beach-waterways.JPG (17775 bytes)

Sumptuous views of waterfront houses on Boca Ciega Bay (above and below). Waterways are dredged following natural formations and have excellent Gulf and Intracoastal access.

st-pete-beach-waterview.JPG (17282 bytes) st-pete-beach-waterway-3.JPG (27497 bytes) st-pete-beach-waterway-2.JPG (19269 bytes)

don-cesar-beach-resort.JPG (28100 bytes)

vina-del-mar-across-waterway.JPG (16640 bytes)  

The Don CeSar Beach Resort.

View of the waterfront community of Vina Del Mar



gulf-way-pass-a-grille.JPG (24822 bytes) gulf-way-looking-north.JPG (26448 bytes) pass-a-grille-beach-walkovers.JPG (24837 bytes)

View north on Gulf Way, Pass-a-Grille pier area.

In picture from left: grassy dunes, sidewalk, wall, parking.

Wooden boardwalks allow crossing of grassy dunes.

pass-a-grille-beach-seagrasses.JPG (27716 bytes) pass-a-grille-beach-dunes.JPG (23731 bytes) pass-a-grille-beach-north.JPG (15651 bytes)

Grassy dunes and walkovers from parking on Gulf Way.

Pictures of the south beach at Pass-a-Grille

gulf-view-houses-on-gulf-way.JPG (38231 bytes) houses-along-gulf-way.JPG (29621 bytes) gulf-way-houses.JPG (34322 bytes)
Gulf Way runs along the ocean and separates the residences from the beach. The houses above have an unobstructed view of the Gulf of Mexico from the upper floors.

pass-a-grille-jetty.jpg (20894 bytes)

pass-a-grille-pier.JPG (22152 bytes) pass-a-grille-beach-access.JPG (20644 bytes)

The jetty (above left) and Merry Pier (above center) in south Pass-a-Grille. Concrete walkway runs along top of jetty.

Beautiful picture of beach access point.

pass-a-grille-south-end.JPG (24415 bytes)

pass-a-grille-street.JPG (34749 bytes) pass-a-grille-view-north.JPG (13922 bytes)

View of the southernmost point at Pass-a-Grille

Pass-a-Grille streets are mostly 1 block long - ocean to bay.

Skyline north of Pass-a-Grille.

pass-a-grille-waterway.JPG (20981 bytes)

pass-a-grille-end.JPG (36306 bytes)

pass-a-grille-waterway-1.JPG (20748 bytes)

Pass-a-Grille Yacht Club area.

Leaving Pass-a-Grille heading north on Gulf Way.

Waterfront dock in Boca Ciega Bay.


north-channel.JPG (19329 bytes)  

View of the North Channel off the southern tip of Pass-a-Grille.



sidewalk-at-pass-a-grille-beach.JPG (39393 bytes)

pelicans-on-jetty.JPG (37263 bytes) pelican-on-rocks.JPG (72047 bytes)

Park and walk along the beach - great sunset views.

These brown pelicans were waiting in the rocks for the fishermen to get something going.

seagull.jpg (30752 bytes) sailboats-at-pass-a-grille.jpg (13741 bytes)  

Lots of shorebirds here.

Offshore regatta.

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