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Treasure Island.

Treasure Island is on the Gulf Coast of Florida, west of St. Petersburg and Southwest of Tampa. It is one of the small municipalities on a group of outlying barrier islands that run from the inlet to Tampa Bay northward to Honeymoon Island State Park.


The city of Treasure Island has a permanent population of around 7,500 people and a large visitor influx is seen during the winter tourist season. It is bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico and on the east by Boca Ciega Bay. On the north it is bordered by John's Pass and Madeira Beach and the south by Blind Pass and St. Pete Beach. It has about 3 miles of gulf beach and relatively large residential waterfront communities dredged from Boca Ciega Bay. 


There is good access to the beach for day time visitors, vacationers and residents alike through the beach parks in Treasure Island. The largest of these, the St. Petersburg Municipal Beach in Treasure Island (owned by the City of St. Petersburg and NOT to be confused with the municipality or beach of St. Pete Beach further south) is a very large beach by Florida standards. Parking for the beach is adequate for all but crowded days and the walk from the pavilion area to the water is approximately 1000 feet. Luckily it is not all sugar sand to traverse - just the last 200' or so - and walking is not a terrible chore. If you're in the mood for morning power walks or evening strolls there is a sidewalk spanning the width of the beach. Volleyball pits and other sports areas can be located on the beach. Grassy dunes pop up everywhere on the huge expanse of sand.


While the jewels in Treasure Island's crown are its beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, it is hard to overlook the great waterfront property of the island. Broad canals spilling into Boca Ciega Bay within a few minutes of the ocean through Blind Pass or John's Pass to the north make this a boater and fisherman's paradise. The Intracoastal Waterway channels through Boca Ciega Bay, also and day sailing trips to the exotic ports of Clearwater, Tampa and Sarasota are easily achieved.


Visitors to Treasure Island, Florida can tour many west and south Florida cities by car.  The Sarasota area can be reached in about 30 minutes. All of the little beach cities along Gulf Boulevard north and south of Treasure Island can be visited with a leisurely drive. The cultural center of the area - St. Petersburg - is about 15 minutes away and Tampa about 20. This area can be accessed best from the Tampa International Airport (20 minutes) or The Bradenton Sarasota Airport (30 minutes).


St. Petersburg Municipal Beach on Treasure Island


treasure-island-municipal-beach-toward-ocean.JPG (12131 bytes) beach-cover.JPG (17522 bytes)
st -petersburg-municipal-beach-looking-north.JPG (14907 bytes)

The St. Petersburg Municipal Beach in Treasure Island is a BIG beach. From the entrance at the pavilion to the water's edge is approximately 1000'. Side-to-side it goes on and on...

st -petersburg-municipal-beach-looking-south.JPG (13015 bytes) treasure-island-municipal-beach-north.JPG (17469 bytes)
On a cloudy day you could be all alone on the beach... Concrete walkway runs along top edge of beach.

st -petersburg-municipal-beach-looking-south-1.JPG (11561 bytes)

from-water's-edge.JPG (14559 bytes)

Condo owners won't bother you on this beach

From the water's edge back to civilization is a long way!

st -petersburg-municipal-beach-pavillion.JPG (14874 bytes) st -petersburg-municipal-beach-south.JPG (11223 bytes)
The pavilion, snack bar and entrance area. View south along the beach.
treasure-island-municipal-beach-condos.JPG (17908 bytes) treasure-island-municipal-beach-north-view.JPG (11109 bytes) oceanfront-condos-st -petersburg-municipal-beach-.JPG (13419 bytes)

Beachfront condos at St. Petersburg Municipal Beach in Treasure Island


Treasure Island Houses, Condos and Streets

treasure-island-beach-house.JPG (22640 bytes)

treasure-island-waterfront-house.JPG (37261 bytes)

treasure-island-waterfront-house-1.JPG (26507 bytes)

Treasure Island Beach House 

Waterfront houses on Treasure Island.

treasure-island-alleyway.JPG (25440 bytes)

treasure-island-houses.JPG (22169 bytes)

treasure-island-house.JPG (35391 bytes)

Alleyway near beach.



treasure-island-condos.JPG (28026 bytes)  


Treasure Island Condominium.  


Isle of Palms

isle-of-palms-waterfront-house-3.JPG (29683 bytes) isle-of-palms-bayfront-home.JPG (24236 bytes) treasure-island-isle-of-palms-waterfront-home.JPG (25558 bytes)

Isle of Palms is a waterfront community of Treasure Island. It boasts beautifully landscaped residential houses in clean, quiet neighborhoods.

isle-of-palms-waterfront-home-2.JPG (24050 bytes) isle-of-palms-bayfront-house.JPG (22557 bytes) isle-of-palms-house-1.JPG (24174 bytes)

These houses sit on oversized canals cut from Boca Ciega Bay and have excellent access to the Gulf of Mexico in minutes through John's Pass.

isle-of-palms-bayfront.JPG (24816 bytes)

house-isle-of-palms.JPG (22028 bytes) isle-of-palms-house.JPG (35815 bytes)


isle-of-palms-houses.JPG (17783 bytes)

isle-of-palms-waterfront-houses.JPG (17260 bytes) isle-of-palms-waterfront-homes.JPG (15056 bytes)

Street scenes (above and below) in Isle of Palms.

Waterways in Isle of Palms (above and below) are broad and easily navigable for the biggest of boats.. 

treasure-island-isle-of-palms-streets.JPG (24865 bytes)

isle-of-palms-waterway.JPG (16732 bytes) isle-of-palms-waterfront-views.JPG (14430 bytes)



treasure-island-clock.JPG (27604 bytes)

Landmark clock tower (picture left) and (right) 4 stories of Treasure island pleasure...

treasure-island-house-5.JPG (35073 bytes)



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