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Venice, Florida

Pictures from Venice.

 Venice is on the southwest coast of Florida, between Sarasota and Fort Myers and south of Tampa by 70 miles. It is one of the few cities on the lower west coast that does not have barrier islands offshore protecting it's coastline. However, the construction of the Intracoastal Waterway effectively produced an island on which the beach areas and the historic downtown area are now located.


The city of Venice has a permanent population of around 20,000 people and a metro area of around 80,000. As a rather small city and, as Florida coastal cities go, one wonders how Venice managed to escape the heavy development prevalent to Florida shorelines. It's a blessing to visitors and residents alike however, as much of the coastline is available to the public through parks and preserves.


In addition to the wonderful beaches, Venice has an old, fossilized reef about mile offshore which is frequented by divers and a rock jetty, both unusual as Southwest Florida attractions. It also has a 700 foot pier for fishing,  strolling or relaxing. There are great views of the beaches and the Venice skyline from both the pier and the jetty. Often it's easy to spot sailboats, motor yachts, porpoises and other marine life as well as a wide variety of birds from these locations.


Visitors to Venice will enjoy the historic downtown area with its small shops and easy going pace. Strolling along Venice Avenue, whether looking for gifts or beachwear, is reminiscent of a holiday atmosphere. It's a nice ride around town, too, viewing fine houses and tropically landscaped yards. 


Visitors to Venice, Florida can tour many South Florida cities by car.  Seventy-five to ninety minutes south will find one at the gateway to Sanibel and Captiva, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach and Pine island including Matlacha, Bokeelia and St. James City. This area can be accessed best from the Sarasota International Airport (45 minutes) or The Southwest Florida International Airport just southwest of Fort Myers (60 minutes).


Historic Downtown Venice


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The Intracoastal Waterway splits Venice city into old and new. The historic downtown area is a charming blend of shops and tropical plantings. Venice Avenue to the beach (below) is a stately boulevard of palm trees and flowering trees and bushes, accentuated by "old Florida" estates. 
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venice-little-theatre.JPG (16154 bytes) venice-mall-1.JPG (34897 bytes)

venice-avenue-shopping.JPG (24678 bytes)

Photo of the Venice Little Theatre (upper left) and Venice Mall (upper). Corner of Nokomis Avenue and Venice Avenue (left). Photos (below) show Centennial Park in downtown Venice.

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Venice Jetty

casey's-pass.JPG (15925 bytes)

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This is just a beautiful area. Stunning blue and green waters, birds, rocks, sand, breezes, sailboats, porpoises, big fish, little fish, net fishermen, whew! Casey's Pass (above, left) is the inlet from the Gulf of Mexico to the Intracoastal Waterway at the jetty.

sailboat-leaving-jetty-venice.JPG (10700 bytes) jetty-venice.JPG (10694 bytes) venice-skyline-1.JPG (13052 bytes)



crow's-nest-venice.JPG (25034 bytes) pelican-3.JPG (17466 bytes) anita's-sandcastle.JPG (32360 bytes)

Crow's Nest Restaurant near the jetty - a local favorite.

Pelican on perch.

Anita's Sandcastle eatery at the jetty. Try the world-famous hotdogs.


Venice Pier

sharky's-venice-pier.JPG (26123 bytes)

venice-florida-pier.JPG (12500 bytes) venice, fl-beach.JPG (12040 bytes)

At the foot of the Venice pier is Sharky's Restaurant (photo upper left), a great place to grab some lunch and a beer. Views from Sharky's and the pier are terrific including the beach, the water and the Venice, Florida skyline (bottom, right).

Venice-beach-at-pier.JPG (11118 bytes)

venice-pier-view.JPG (22476 bytes)

venice-florida-skyline.JPG (8615 bytes)

Venice Beach

Photos (right) show Venice Beach. Nice white, fine sand and shallow swimming areas.

venice-beach.JPG (12328 bytes) venice-beach-north.JPG (11880 bytes)


Caspersen Beach to South Brohard Park 

caspersen-beach.JPG (15264 bytes) caspersen-beach-boardwalk.JPG (23835 bytes) relaxing-at-caspersen-beach.JPG (22032 bytes)

Caspersen Beach north view towards South Brohard Park.

Boardwalk at Caspersen Beach - lots of boardwalk here.

Fish, shell, swim, stroll or just relax at the beach.

caspersen-beach-north.JPG (17104 bytes) caspersen-beach-water.JPG (11919 bytes) caspersen-beach-rocks.JPG (20748 bytes)

 South of Venice, the South Brohard Park to Caspersen Beach area is miles of native beach open to shelling, snorkeling, or shark's teeth hunting. Water shows beautiful greens and blues.  Not a rocky coastline although some rocks present.

sailboat-off-caspersen-beach.JPG (6895 bytes) Photo (left) shows sailboat from beach-side road. Photo (right) shows Caspersen Beach continuing south. Note stairway (right) down to beach and jagged end of pavement with retaining posts (left). Road was washed out in hurricane years ago. caspersen-beach-end-of-road.JPG (24166 bytes)

Venice Condos

venice-on-the-beach.JPG (22968 bytes) venice-condos.JPG (24059 bytes) venice-florida-condo.JPG (25094 bytes)


Venice Waterfront, Gulf Front and Bay View Houses

gulf-beach-house.JPG (25146 bytes)

waterfront-home.JPG (15100 bytes)

waterfront-house.JPG (32739 bytes)

bayfront-house-1.JPG (29257 bytes)

bayfront-house-3.JPG (25900 bytes)

bayfront-house.JPG (36828 bytes)

venice-house.JPG (26323 bytes)

venice-house-1.JPG (34513 bytes) venice-house-6.JPG (35749 bytes)



pelican-1.JPG (19323 bytes)

venice-avenue-bridge.JPG (17474 bytes) venice-historic-railway-station.JPG (20411 bytes)

Pelican poses (above and below) - quite a storage area.

Photo above is drawbridge on Venice Avenue.

Historic old railway station is undergoing renovation.

pelican-2.JPG (24841 bytes) blue-heron-big.jpg (28863 bytes) bouganvillea-large.JPG (48417 bytes)


Blue Heron at Caspersen Beach

Nice large Bougainvillea.
poinsettias.JPG (37169 bytes) shark's-tooth.JPG (28795 bytes)  

Poinsettias in yard.

Black pointy thing is shark's tooth among shell bits.

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